How SAP FSM Solution Can Benefit Your Organisation

What is FSM and why your orginisation needs it

Continuing from our previous blog – ‘Why CX technology is pivotal in today’s customer-centric market’, you will have noticed that Customer Experience (CX) is at the forefront of all successful businesses. To deliver impeccable CX, businesses must ensure that their users are empowered with the right tools. In this article, we will introduce the SAP Field Service Management Solution and discuss the ways in which it can benefit your business and give your company a competitive advantage.

What is SAP’s Field Service Management Solution (FSM)?

Within the SAP CX portfolio, SAP FSM resides as an integral component of the SAP Service Cloud. Its prime focus is on customer-centric field service companies and it has been developed to simplify the field technicians’ day-to-day work. Overall, the solution helps businesses to digitize their work processes, increase revenue, speed up the invoicing process, and boost customer satisfaction through:


  • Matching technicians’ skills with customers’ needs
  • Using fully integrated processes and the ‘Internet of Things’
  • Allowing all customers, technicians, and dispatchers to have a full view of the service process.


SAP FSM industrial and mechanical engineering


SAP FSM can function as part of the ERP system or stand-alone. Alongside all the functionalities, something worth mentioning is the “Customer Self-Service” option which utilises QR code scanning to:

  • View the device’s details and manuals
  • Send service requests for repair or maintenance
  • Start a live chat with a service expert
  • Check the status of all requests

The self-service capability can be tailored to customers’ needs which makes the solution suitable for many industries.


What does Field Service Management consist of?


What FSM consists of:


How it can benefit your stakeholders:


Field Technicians

Empowering your field technicians ensures a great field service. Therefore, easing their work-life by supporting them with the correct information and tools is a must. SAP FSM can offer them the following advantages:

  • AI-driven platform that provides immediate information about location, strengths, and availability. Based on their skills and prior experience, field technicians are assigned jobs in which they can fully exploit their potential and add value to the given task.
  • Technicians receive a full report of the service call, after which, they accept the task and get started.
  • Field technicians have 24/7 online and offline access to the mobile app, which they use to get a complete overview of the assignment as well as guidance towards the solution
  • All administrative efforts are reduced: technicians can manage their own time, documents, and spare parts, all in one safe digital space.


Call Centre

Call center employees are the beating heart of any company that wants to deliver the best outcome for their customers. SAP FSM supports service center employees with the right tools to deliver the best experience to their customers.

  • A drag-and-drop function provides flexibility and helps to complete tasks quickly and easily,
  • More than one technician can be assigned to a single task. This allows for stronger teams to be assembled and complete the assignment.
  • An AI tool can determine the best technician for the given task based on their skills and prior experience.
  • A ‘Quick Guidance’ option helps questions to be answered during conversations with technicians or service calls.



Nowadays, customers expect quick responses and impeccable service. If their expectations are not met, they can easily move on to the next best solution provided by your competitors. SAP FSM gives you the edge you need to stand out, allowing you to get the best out of your services while delivering an outstanding experience to your customers. This is possible, thanks to a few useful features:

  • Contacting the service center in a short time. SAPs FSM gives your customers an easily accessible overview of all the contact information they need to reach you
  • Planning tools that give your customers the option to pick their own appointments by selecting the desired date, time, and the issue at hand
  • Detailed documentation overview for your more skillful customers who like to take the lead, whom you can support by providing helpful manuals or videos
  • An overview of spare parts, which allows customers to order and replace their products themselves
  • A lot of practical features that will notify customers when a technician will arrive, allow them to leave feedback, and manage their administration with just a few clicks.

Spare your customers the frustration of waiting for their technician to arrive within vague timeslots such as between ‘8 am and 5 pm’.


General Business

As part of your digital transformation, SAP FSM can bring many more benefits for your business, such as:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction,
  • Quicker invoicing,
  • Less paperwork,
  • Automation of office processes,
  • Optimised planning and greater transparency, thanks to the Resource Planner,
  • Enhanced communication between technicians on the field and in the office,
  • Easy data analysis and reporting and
  • Coherent service procedures supported by the Checklist Designer (a checklist generating tool for mobile devices)


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Priyanka Aggarwal,  (SAP CX & FSM specialist)

John Hunter,  (SAP CX Delivery & Customer Success Director)

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