FSM Release 2105- Key Takeaways

Catch-up with the latest updates in the FSM Release 2105

The latest FSM release titled ‘2105’ was delivered on May 20, 2021.

New optimizations have been added, in order to improve and facilitate further the use of the FSM solution.

For those of you who are not familiar with the SAP FSM solution yet please check out our SAP FSM overview.

Many optimizations and new features have been added, including the NFC scanning and SAP DBS GIS Plug-in which allows customers to use different map providers and freely customize in terms of behavior and data displayed.

Here is a quick summary of the newest features now available:

1.Mobile Field Service


Technicians are now able to create and keep existing equipment up to date directly on the mobile application. This makes equipment information and the current most important data easily accessible.

In addition, Android devices have the option to use NFC scanning. It enables the technicians to find equipment quicker and easier. This functionality will also be available soon on IOS.



In order to log in more detailed information, a long description to extend feedback codes can be provided. The technicians will know the exact meaning of the code without having to search for additional information on other tools.





In the print and send menu, HTML-based Reports can be created for a single activity. Any checklists can be added by the users and linked to the activity. Users can decide if they would like to share them internally or not.





Another important feature is the Data cleanup which enables the user to define which data is obsolete or not. Non-relevant data will no longer be synchronized to mobile but will remain in the cloud. This feature improves the performance of the mobile application.



2. Smartforms and Feedbacks



The possibility to select the warehouse object in the object picker element is now available within the smartforms. Now, warehouses can be filtered by the ones assigned to the user or the warehouses where the selected item is in stock.






3. Planning and Dispatching


This release relies on the support of ESRI integration within the service map which highlights the most relevant data. With SAP DBS GIS Plug-in customers can use different map providers and can freely customize behaviour and data displayed. In other words, it allows the user to display information on a map on different layers to support more correct planning and optimization.





4. Admin New Capabilities


More detailed information is given on business rule statistics such as average execution time, last 10 execution times, cron expression, last started time or last finished time, frequency, if the business rule is currently running.

Moreover, a new email notification will be automatically sent to the technical contact when there is a suspicion of an endless loop.



5. Business Rules


Several changes were made to facilitate the use of Business rules.

Three new events were created to combine events to Create, Update or Upload from ERP Connector.


To make the use of business rules easier, spaces or blanks are automatically removed when entering data and a notification is sent to the user if a better configuration can be done for a scheduled business rule.




6. Customer Self-Service assistant




It is now possible for the customer to identify and find equipment quickly and easily with one- or two-dimensional bar codes.






7. Scheduling and optimization


In the reporting application, it is possible to have auto-scheduling reports which give head information like KPIs (travel time, jobs per day, schedule days, schedules jobs, etc.) For example, in each report, users can see which jobs have been assigned. Details of the scheduled jobs are given and each technician has a score that explains why one has been selected for the job.



In conclusion, SAP FSM has added some good functionality and round-offs to deliver a better user experience.  You can find a full list of features’ updates on SAP Help Portal.

Check the previous FSM updates for a better understanding of the tool’s capabilities. 


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