About Us

Start-up Agility, Enterprise-grade output

Our genesis : Achieving results, realising value

What if significant technology investments made by organisations yielded remarkable results? What if they focused on users, customers, and desired business outcomes? What if people who have to use software, actually loved using it? Notion Edge was born to find answers to these common, and pressing, questions of the enterprise software industry.

We believe that SAP CX solutions can solve critical business problems and have the power to convert customers into loyal brand advocates. Far from complex software and archaic implementation methodologies, we simplify tools and techniques to help users become more efficient and effective – maximising the value an organisation can get out of software investments. We operate in the UK and France, with an Engineering and R&D centre in Tunisia.

  • Focussed on users
  • SAP CX solutions can solve critical business problems
  • Help users become more efficient

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