SAP CPQ | Configure Price Quote

Improve the efficiency of your configurations and quotes

Use intelligent selling to make the most out of every sales opportunity


SAP CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) is a sales configuration solution designed to improve and easily create proposals and quotes. It eliminates quote errors and improves the efficiency of your sales reps by allowing them to easily create product offerings and configure, price, quote, and order complex products and solutions.


Check mark - notion edge Extensive product configuration and selection options            Check mark - notion edge Intelligent recommendations on up-selling, cross-selling, and pricing 

Check mark - notion edge Sell across multiple channels         

Check mark - notion edge Automated approval and exception workflows

  Key Benefits

Simplify & accelerate complex Quote creation processes


Create quotes with easily selectable complex Product Configuration and multi-country Pricing Variations within a matter of minutes. Deliver securely quick Quotes to Customers and accelerate Order confirmation.

Save time, sell smart, remove guesswork


With rule-based product configuration and pricing information available on hand, make your salesforce smarter and help them sell faster without any guesswork and easily filterable Product and selectable configuration.

Increase Up- and Cross-sell


With AI-based Product recommendations and specifications available on hand, empower your sales teams to easily up- and cross-sell.



Key Solution Features

SAP CPQ feature by Notion Edge

Check mark - notion edgeQuick creation of branded, errors-free quotes that are compliment to all company policies

Check mark - notion edge Easy configuration of quotes and complex product offerings regardless of the quote size

Check mark - notion edgeAutomated approval processes and exception workflows

Check mark - notion edge Margin protection with channel, customer, and product price control                                                          

Check mark - notion edgePricing recommendation allowing for intelligent cross- and up-selling 

Check mark - notion edgeEngaged customers and increased revenue with a unified data model achieved through the integration of CPQ with existing ERP systems and SAP Service Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud & SAP Sales Cloud                                                                                                    

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