Application Development

Custom applications, technology products, application extensions

Application Development

To complete the last mile of your solution we have our own in-house developers with the skills to assess your needs and carry out the work for custom applications, technology products, application extensions. This is an important capability for us and our customers as it ensures we can do the bespoke things where needed to fulfil any niche requirements, for you it means that you have one partner touchpoint for your complete solution.

Notion Edge uses the power of the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) to develop applications and connectors to extend SAP’s standard products. Our experts have gained experience in SAP technologies, many were part of the original SAP integration and development teams.

Application development is one of the main drivers of innovation injection in SAP products. To do this, we have mastered the SCP Neo and SCP Cloud Foundry technologies to provide our customers with all the SAP services available on their platform.

We are particularly interested in looking for use-cases to develop applications around the innovative SAP Leonardo features.

  • In-house developers
  • Extend SAP’s standard products
  • Experiences experts

Application Integration

In today’s world of best of breed solutions, integration is a key requirement to successfully connect the data and transactions to each other and back to the main ERP system. The experience of the Notion Edge team can help to achieve your successful integrations.

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