Performance & UX Optimisation

Performance Improvements, Adoption Increase

User Experience (UX) Optimisation

Optimize screens to delight your users and ensure adoption. Notion Edges’ strategy is to bring user adoption and user satisfaction to the forefront of what we do. With our development expertise, we are particularly attentive to the personalisation and redesign of user screens: each field displayed should meet the need for the user.

During projects, we look beyond the business drivers to look at the daily needs of individuals. Whether it is the technician in the field or a manager in the office who needs a view on a certain report, we want to maximise the experience they have interacting with the software.

  • Personalisation of user screens
  • Audit implementations
  • Focused on customer satisfaction

Performance Optimisation

Ensure you get the best performance from your technology investments. Frequently we are approached to step in on other projects where the client has hit problems. The implementation of an audit, whether functional or technical, allows the customer to verify that the project has complied with the best practice and is getting the most from the investment.

Project Rescue - SOS

As experts in C/4HANA solutions, we are occasionally asked to help on drift projects implemented by other non-specialist partners. Our philosophy is focused on customer satisfaction and adherence to SAP solutions, so we are open to taking over a project that we have not initiated.

Our Customers