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A few fundamental changes in consumer habits have influenced marketing in recent years

The development of e-commerce and social media, advanced searches and mobile applications gave a modern consumer a huge power of choice not only for products but for the information. In the endless stream of media, advertisement and image noise it became much more difficult for brands to catch the attention of their customer and sell their products. Providing unique and seamless customer experience and developing long-lasting close relationships with consumers became key pillars of a profitable marketing strategy.

To achieve that some new approaches have been used such as:

  • personalisation
  • multichannel and omnichannel communication
  • proactive day-and-night customer service

To help businesses save time and resources in their goal of keeping their clients happy and engaged, SAP Marketing cloud offers a range of essential functionalities in a centralised digital platform and adaptable both for B2C and B2B business models.

  • Providing unique and seamless CX
  • Gather and merge all customer information
  • Launching and analyse campaigns

360° view on consumer

  • Gather and merge all customer information including interactions coming from multiple channels at one customer record
  • Analyse the customer attitude to brand, products and services thanks to sentiment analysis
  • Analyse in detail all customer journeys and build relevant personas
  • Benefit of intelligent scoring models for accurate and precise targeting

Smart campaign management

  • Use the same platform for launching and analysing campaigns on multiple channels, including emailing, sms, social media and google ads
  • Create relevant segments and dynamic target groups based on reporting insights and attributes of your choice (ex. propensity score, churn score and others)
  • Save time on campaign execution and reply immediately to a customer thanks to trigger-based campaign automatization
  • Increase the emailing opening rates and CTR thanks to A/B testing
  • Benefit from consent management to make sure that your campaigns are GDPR compliant

Easy marketing planning and budget tracking

  • Plan your programs and campaigns in a visual and handy calendar-based way
  • Get a complete and flexible overview of planned and current expenditures for each campaign and channel anytime
  • Numerous budget planning options (by brand, attributes, product group, etc.)
  • Collaborate and exchange with your colleagues on programs and budget planning

Personalised product recommendations

  • Set up automatous product recommendations based on previous customer purchase behaviour
  • Send personalized coupons and promotions in the most appropriate time
  • Cross-sell and upsell with no time or manual efforts

Advanced analytics

  • Measure and understand your marketing ROI through real-time analytics and designed dashboards
  • Benefit of an integrated Machine Learning to have a better knowledge of customer behaviour
  • Get fast operational insights on your campaigns and take corrective actions if needed

What are some of the benefits SAP Marketing Cloud customers have achieved?

  • 306% – 3 year ROI
  • 5% increase in average order value
  • 40% improvement in email conversion rates
  • 40% reduced disparate marketing systems and integration costs

*The Total Economic Impact™ of SAP Marketing, a June 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP

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