Introducing Notion Edge

Founded by a team of ex-SAP seniors, Notion Edge has been brought to life to bring agile & flexible, yet effective and efficient transformation to the Customer Experience functions of businesses in Field Services, Customer Services, Marketing & Financial Services.

Founded in early 2019, we have grown to see some very early successes, and have landed a footprint in five countries already, with many more to come.


The Name

A notion, can be either an idea, or a belief about something. In our context, this is your belief that CX should be done a certain way. Your own, unique idea on what good customer experience looks like. Your own, unique, approach to your customers’ experiences and how you manage them.


An edge can be seen to be a competitive advantage over those around you. Your ticket to stand out from the crowd.

We chose the name Notion Edge, as our purpose is to be the partner you choose to help turn your ideas, to your advantage.


The Branding

With the branding, we needed a feel that we felt truly represented us and the ethos that we have built Notion Edge upon. Professional, efficient, but informal and approachable. Carrying as much expertise in SAP as we do, it was important to us that we convey it as effectively as possible, whilst not baffling our customers and prospects with typical, cliche SAP consultancy imagery and jargon.

We want to make CX & SAP C/4 HANA simple, and available for everyone, so getting the balance correct was crucial.


The Website 

The website needed to be an extension of our branding, after all, this is our shop window. We enlisted the help of some professionals to help us achieve this. We wanted to be bold, bright and colourful but direct enough to be conveying what we do, and how we do it. Perhaps most importantly, how well we do what we do!


What We Do

Notion Edge are SAP experts, advisors, implementers, strategists and consultants in the SAP C/4 HANA product suite, specifically SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform, and SAP Service Cloud.

We have the ability to manipulate & extend SAP solutions to fit your bespoke needs and convert your ideas into focused solutions to create the customer experience your customers want to see. A well-tailored CX strategy, combined with the appropriately adapted & implemented tools to achieve this.

Our unique approach has thus far yielded excellent customer feedback, and as we continue to grow and spread the word, we will continue to keep ourselves at the forefront of CX software advancements and keep customers at the heart of everything we do.

Our Customers