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Customer Experience beyond purchase

Organisations today know that great services are not enough. Neither are amazing buying experiences. The real barometer is the experience (and by that, I mean real care and support) that the buyer receives much after the purchase is made. If you want to find out how CX technology can benefit your business read our blog on the topic



What customers want to know


Customers increasingly expect a convenient and exclusive experience surrounding their purchase. They are very likely to ask six pressing questions:

  • How easy is it for me to report a problem if it occurs?
  • How promptly is someone assigned to come and investigate the problem?
  • Can they accommodate my availability and constraints?
  • How competent are they?
  • Do they have the right skills, tools, and parts to fix my issue the first time?
  • Am I informed at all stages of the process that are relevant to me?

A question back to these companies is – how ready are they to brace for this? Consider your state-of-the-art washing machine or next-generation CT Scanner. The last thing you’d want is to wait in endless Call Centre queues to report an issue, wait for a visit slot, and when the technicians arrive, find out they need a part they don’t have in the van.

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be such a broken high-friction experience for your customer at all.




What organisations can do


Many companies understand that Customer Experience (CX) is a direct outcome of field service excellence and service transparency. This is where tools and technologies like SAP Field Service Management (FSM) step in. They can help service organisations fix performance gaps or entirely transform into smarter, faster, and better versions of themselves. FSM software, for one, can help organisations pull together often-siloed areas such as CRM, Supply Chain, Financials, and Learning Management solutions to provide a comprehensive experience.




Tools to improve your Customer Experience


When it comes to using tools that improve CX, it pays to go all-in with a few rather than dabble with many. This easy matrix shows how:

For a company on a journey of field service transformation, the addition of capabilities like predictive maintenance, AR/VR support are inevitable. It follows, quite simply, that investing in field service technology is a low-hanging fruit that is more likely to deliver better CX, and give more bang for the buck.



In conclusion


Delivering exceptional CX is a powerful opportunity and tools and technologies have a playground to enhance it. When offered along with human judgment and communication, they possess the massive potential to create seamless experiences. All organisations now need to do, is redesign CX to simplify customers’ lives and keep them returning for more.

For more insights into how to elevate your Customer services and empower your workforce for a seamless unified experience contact us. We can help you understand your customers better and allow them to choose you every time!



Tanmaya Verma

Co-founder & CEO at Notion Edge

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