Customer Experience Trends to Look For in 2021


After a period of adaptation, leaders are focusing not only on surviving but thriving in the fast-changing market. Organizations must learn how to adapt quickly and be open to new ways of supporting their customers. Keep reading to find out what are the Customer Experience trends you need to know in 2021!

In a very short period, COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we work, prioritize, plan, execute, and engage with customers or other brands. Read more on how to deliver  CX Excellence in times of distress in our previous article – ‘ Covid or Not – Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience!’



Trends to look for in 2021

40% increase in the volume of digital interactions

1. Focus on the Digital Customer


The global pandemic made emerging digital behaviors such as online grocery shopping, online banking, and telemedicine a mainstream activity. This fast transition is becoming the new ‘normal’ that customers expect, and brands need to adapt to. Many early adopters and new customers using digital channels see digital as the only option in the current situation.




Notion Edge Tip: All digital customers are unique and need to be treated as such. Use tools to keep a close eye on customer success metrics and always look for ways to improve your CX.


95% of customers want businesses to enforce physical protection and virtual data-safety2. Build Customer Trust


Now more than ever, safety is a primary focus for customers. Winning customers’ trust when interacting with your brand is crucial. Customers want to feel safe when doing business with you both in person and virtually. Therefore, keeping their data safe is just as important as following all hygiene protocols.

Your customer comfort-levels can alter. Supervising real-time customer analytics and insights is important to deliver the right experience to your customers.



Notion Edge Tip: Keeping your brand policies and safety protocols transparent increases customers’ trust. Refusing to acknowledge an error or your lack of communication will make customers lose trust in you.


3. Remote Work leads the way to better customer service

96% of customers who experience high effort interaction with customer service are less likely to stay loyal


The relationships brands build with their customers are inevitably altered by the intersection of digital innovations and remote work. As the new reality is shifting the way we conduct business, there has been an increase in the demand for an immediate, digital-first experience such as 24/7 support access or text-messaging channels to support all customers.

To meet customers’ expectations, organizations have the opportunity to upgrade their customer support with new digital self-service tools, solutions, and processes. That way they can reduce customer effort, increase resolution rates with will boost brand loyalty.



Notion Edge Tip: To retain customers and improve the overall customer experience outline digital or remote customer journeys to get an understanding of where the critical touchpoints may be and make them as effortless as face-to-face interactions.



Along with the new digital roadmap, organizations are finding new ways to integrate AI and automation into their work processes. To be prepared for the Customer Experience in 2021 you must be consistent, nimble, realistic, effortless, and prepared.


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